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Valgus Knee(Ⅴ)Soft Tissue Balance

03. 30, 2020

The purpose of our release is to provide ligamentous balance with rectangular flexion and extension gaps, while maintaining lateral side stability of the knee in flexion.

Release is performed in a stepbystepcontrolled fashion and reassessed withlaminar spreaders after each step.

Valgus Knee(Ⅴ)Soft Tissue Balance

LCL, popliteus tendons and posterolateral corner provides lateral stability inboth flexion and extension.

IT Band and posterolateral capsule, provides lateral stability only in extension.

Valgus Knee(Ⅴ)Soft Tissue Balance

Pie Crusting Technique:

▪Multiple horizontal incisions given from inside to out.

▪Begin at the level of the joint line and can extend 10 cm proximally.

▪This works like a tensor and allows the lateral tissues to lengthen and slidewith some degree of continuity.

Valgus Knee(Ⅴ)Soft Tissue Balance