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Valgus Knee (Ⅵ) Medial Ligament Advancement

04. 09, 2020

Valgus Knee (Ⅵ) Medial Ligament Advancement

This should be done when medial ligaments are too lax, after complete release of lateral ligaments, it is performed only after final implantation of all total knee components, just before wound closure.

Procedure 1:

◆ Elevation of the femoral origin of the medial collateral ligament.

◆ Proximal advancement using a locking loop type of suture within the substance of the ligament.

◆ This suture is secured around a screw and washer with a staple placed at desired site on medial epicondyle.

Valgus Knee(Ⅵ)Medial Ligament Advancement

Fig.1 Krackow, Thomas, and Jones technique for ligament or tendon fixation to bone.

Valgus Knee(Ⅵ)Medial Ligament Advancement

Fig.2 The epicenter is determined, and the flap is manipulated anteriorly and proximally to reestablish the epicenter for the soft tissue center or screw ligament washer combination.

Procedure 2:

◆ Attachment of the medial collateral ligament at the medial epicondyle is identified.

◆ Elevation of the square bone plug and locked loop sutures in the medial collateral ligament.

◆ The ligaments are pulled using the pull through technique.

Valgus Knee(Ⅵ)Medial Ligament Advancement