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3D Printing Technology Custom Prosthesis Artificial Knee Replacement

05. 13, 2020

3D printing is a technology based on digital model files, using powdery metal or plastic and other adhesive materials to construct objects by layer-by-layer printing. It can quickly and accurately prepare personalized medical materials suitable for different patients according to the needs of different patients, and can accurately control the microstructure of the materials at the same time. Our company provides TKR prosthesis.

Before surgery, the patient's knee joint was scanned by CT, and the acquired data was imported into related software. The data was analyzed on the computer to determine the femoral and tibial related parameters and the affected limb force line, and then three-dimensional reconstruction. According to the computer parameters, artificial prostheses that match the patient's knee joint are designed and produced, and medical materials are used to 3D print a 1: 1 artificial bone model. Then simulate the process of total knee arthroplasty to determine the osteotomy plane of the femur and tibia. Finally, the guide plate used for osteotomy in the surgery was simulated. Before the operation, the artificial bone model is pre-operated according to the parameters simulated by the computer, which improves the accuracy of each link during the operation and can greatly reduce the surgical steps and time.

3D Printing Prosthesis

The intraoperative operation simplifies the previous complicated surgical steps. The doctor only needs to attach the osteotomy guide plate to the joint surface according to the preoperative prosthetic bone operation process, and then implement the positioning osteotomy. The surgical operation is simple and the accuracy is higher than traditional methods , To avoid the interference of human factors. This step is like a tailor's precise "cutting" process for the customer.

Compared with traditional surgery, 3D printing technology has the following advantages: First, the traditional knee replacement operation depends on the surgeon's visual judgment during the operation, which is prone to deviations and mistakes. This 3D printing technology is based on the CT data of the patient before the operation, and the artificial prosthesis matched with the patient is simulated and customized by the computer after accurate measurement, and the amount of osteotomy in each part of the knee joint, compared with the experience of the surgeon Judgment, its accuracy is greatly improved, it is a personalized treatment plan tailored for different patients. Second, the 3D printing technology has truly realized individual customization, and the manufactured artificial prosthesis completely fits the patient's knee joint, and the shape and degree are extremely high. Thirdly, it can make the surgeon feel confident in the operation, reduce the operation steps, greatly shorten the operation time, greatly reduce the operation risk, and thus achieve the ideal operation effect.

Because of these advantages, 3D printing technology used in artificial knee replacement surgery will bring tangible benefits to patients, and has broad application prospects.

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